About us

Born in Ushuaia, others came and fitted. We are a group of young people (under the age of 40, we are still young) who love our town, Ushuaia.

Some of us experts are in skiing or snowboarding. We know every corner of the mountain, we know what you need. Many of us grew up next to the Cerro Castor back in 1999.

 About Ushuaia, a village yesterday, which has turned into a city now, we know everything. Hotels, restaurants, attractions, tours, bars, shopping, etc.

As native people, we provide real information to our passengers, without that "confusing information / Chinese whispers" that every visitor suffers when asking for a new destination. We are also tourists, we go on vacations from Ushuaia to the world as well. That led us to refine many details and to be very proud of the service we provide. We treat tourists as if they were our family or friend, giving the best of ourselves, even outside our workplace.

As an extra and another great benefit, being a travel agency of Ushuaia, the passenger ends up finding us the best price in the market, since there are no intermediaries.

Who endorses what has been said? Thousands of passengers that today have become true friends, because they have travelled with us more than 9 consecutive years. The best reflection, the best pay, the satisfaction.