Diving for experimented people

Diving for experimented people
This is a 6 hours long excursion where you could dive in the Bridges Islands and Karelo’s Port.
Hasta el 01/03/2019

After putting on the dry suit, you are going to go in the bot until the Bridge´s Islands, going through “De los Pájaros” island, to reach “H” Island, where you will do a first immersion to learn the use of the dry suit and dominate the buoyancy. This is going to be done while you are crossing a submerged rock in which deep levels change.

After, we are going to Karelo´s Port, where we are going to do a break in the surface to enjoy of a snack.  Once we are ready for the second immersion, in Punta Oriental of Ushuaia´s Bay, where you are going to enjoy of diving inside Kelps (Giant seaweeds) looking at the fabulous wildlife of the Beagle Channel.

During the whole activity we will take pictures to offer them to you as gift of this experience.

We recommend bringing cotton pants or thermic clothes, a long sleeved cotton or polartec sweatshirt and 2 pairs of thick socks.

This excursioin includes box lunch, subaquatic picture and complete equipment with dry suit.

Duration: 5/6 hours from 10 AM.

The excursion is going to be 2 immersions in 2 different scenarios.

Price: ARS12.250 + ARS 400

You should show you experience certified (SCI  - PADI – NAUI – PDIC)

This activity starts from the AFASYN´s Club, transportation is not included