Diving in the End of the World

Diving in the End of the World
Diving in the Beagle Channel
Hasta el 01/05/2019

This is an incredible and unique experience in the deep waters of the famous Beagle Channel. You will have the opportunity of dive in an amazing place, where the water finds the mountains, and you will discover the secrets and the hidden wonders in the seabed. During the excursion you are going to see giant seaweeds, great shipwrecks, jellyfish, crabs, and wonderful surprises that will meet you in the great Beagle Channel.

This program can be done all the year, excepting the windy days, where the water is churned and the visibility is not so good. Also, in summertime the amount of plankton in the water decreases the visibility

The water is really cold and that is why you need a special equipment to dive in this water which is going to be provided by the guides.

The temperatures of the water goes from 2 Cº to 4 Cº on winter and between 8 Cº to 10 Cº in summer.

Once you dive in the water of the Beagle Channel, you will find that is like a forest underwater, and is amazing when the sunrays light the depths.

The depth reached is around 12 meters.

Another place highly recommended to dive is the Bridges Island; those islands offer incredible walls and not much depth. Here the most recommended places are Karelo, Canalcito and Iturrieta.

Anyone can dive in Ushuaia, from the experts to the beginners. If it´s your first time, we highly recommend that you visit places like Paso Chico, that is located in “Dos Lomos” Island. There, 8 meters depth, you could see the remains from a sailboat that wrecked during a hard storm.

On the highlights of this excursion, you will find the possibility of flora and fauna's sighting from the Beagle Channel´s place, which is plenty of things to see.

Here you will find a specie of seaweeds known as “Cachiyuyo” which has length as a characteristic of their length, because they can reach between 30 and 40 meter, this helps to reduce the swell. Also you might find “Luche” seaweeds, that are red colored and you can eat them.

You could see porifera species which lives attached to the bottom like the white and orange sponges, also the anemones which you will found under rocks and the giant jellyfish that are suspended in the water.

Also you may find easily: starfishes, urchins, sea cucumbers and many molluscs attached to the rocks as clams and mussels, crab reaching a size of up to one meter in diameter, southern hake and fueguean sardine.

Price: ARS 11.250 + ARS400 (insurance)

This activity starts from the AFASYN´s Club, transportation is not included.