Fagnano Laken and Beagle Channel.

Sobrevuelos en Ushuaia
This excursion of 60 minutes is going to allow you to know Ushuaia in a whole different way.
Hasta el 31/03/2020

Double Circuit:  60 minutes on plane or 30/45 minutes on helicopter:

With the best wheater, we are going to go north, reaching a comfortable and secure height of 1.100 mts/ 3500ft, where we could see the Ushuaia´s Airport, and the magnificent  Olivia´s Mountain and  5 Hermanos Mountain.

Entering to the Rio Olivia Valley and Carvajal valley,we are going to be able to see Esmeralda Lake, Albino´s eye Glacier, Alvear Mountain,  Cerro Castor ski center, and all the winter centers over the National Route Nº3 (this is where it reaches the flying over Ushuaia on helicopter of 30 minutes)

Crossing “Los Andes” Mountains through the Garibaldi Pass, we will see Escondido Lake, Petrel Hostel, Bronsovich sawmill, and Bombilla Lake. Also you will see the immense Fagnano Lake (Kami on native language), you are going to be able to see the shore of the lakes: Yehuin and Chepelmut.

Close from here, to the east, Tolhuin village appears, on the heart of Tierra del Fuego Island.

 Crossing Los Andes Mountains on the way south, we will enjoy very close the colors of the fueguinian forest and the size of the mountains, until we see the Harberton ranch on Beagle´s Channel´s Shore, where we will see on the south east, Picton´s, Nueva and Lenox Islands.

Over the Beagle Channel and returning to Ushuaia, we will see Martillo Island (Where Magallanic penguins are), Gable Island and Beaver Dams.

Chile and Puerto Williams are going to be on your left in the south part, and in the north you will see Argentina and Puerto Almanza with small fishing enterprises; In Remolinos Port is going to be the Monte Sarmiento´s ship wreck (1935), Encajonado river, Punta Segunda Ranch, Tunel Ranch, The Les Eclereurs Lighthouse, Bridges Islands with the “Los Pájaros” Island and “De los Lobos” Island. We will finish our adventure with a WIG over Ushuaia, where we are going to land. (This is where we complete the 45 minutes flight on helicopter).