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Helicoptero en Ushuaia
This excursion was thought to know Ushuaia in a very special way.
Hasta el 31/03/2020
From ARS7.245


This excursion allows you to know Ushuaia in a very different way, seeing a new and magic perspective of the city and surroundings. (And will give you unique photographs!).


Departing to the East, we are going to reach the 610 mts (2000 ft), to start our fly over Ushuaia, going parallel to the mountains and identifying the principal references.

After this, we are going to go west, where we will see Golondrina Bay, Río Pipo Valley, Susana´s Mountain, the access to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, Ensenada Bay, Lapataia Bay, Redonda Island, Estorbo Island, Roca Lake, Black Lagoon, Green Lagoon, XXIV Milestone, and the international borderline with Chile, where we will see the imposing glacier on the Yendegaia Bay, on the Chilean Side.

Going back through the center of the Beagle Channel on East way, we could see over the Chilean side, the Hoste Island, Murray Channel, Navarino Island, Navarino Port, and the way that connects with Puerto Williams.

We flyover the Bridges Archipelago, the international airport, “De los Lobos” Island, “De los Pájaros” Island, Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, Estancia Tunel, and finally we land after seeing Ushuaia´s Bay.


7 minutes: ARS 7.245 per person

15 minutes: ARS13.230 per person

30 minutes: ARS 23.310 per person ( the most complete, because we are going to do an stop in Le Chloche Mountaine -Andes Mountaine-)

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