2 hours horseback riding

cabalgatas en Ushuaia
2 hours tour through subantarctic forest in Susana's Mountain
Desde el 01/10/2019
Hasta el 31/05/2020

(This tour can be done the 1st day or the last one, depending on your flight schedule, the 1st one arrives at 9 am and the last one leaves at 21.20)


This is an excellent option to visit the forest. Guided by Adolfo Imbert who is the owner of the “Centro Hípico Ushuaia” you are going to start the tour that will allow you to know old trails, used by the prisoners during the years they cut down the trees of the zone.


Going through an exuberant vegetation of subantarctic forest, you could see different species like: Beech trees, Ñires, Cinnamon, Calafates and Notros, and a varied avifauna: Caquenes, Carpenter bird, Carancho, Carancho Austral, Chimango, and if you are lucky maybe the Condor and the Aguila Mora.


Reaching the Beagle Channel's shore, you are going to see the imposing Navarino and Hoste Islands, which are part of Chile.


While we are returning to Ushuaia, on the Beagle Channel shore we will find shell middens, vestiges of an ancient nomadic culture: the Yamanas.


Finishing with this incredible experience, on our way back to the Centro Hípico del Fin del Mundo, we are going to have a final gallop.


Duration: 2 hours

 Price: ARS 3200.-

Passengers: minimum of 2 per trip