Expedition horseback riding

Expedition horseback riding
This is an exceptional expedition of 10 days to Mitre Peninsula.
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This excursion is going to be done in the well-known Esqueletos´s Coast, located in Mitre´s Peninsula, on the south east of Tierra del Fuego, that wonderful place in the End of the World.

During long hours we are going to be in the deep nature of Tierra del Fuego, enjoying of it variety on wildlife and flora.

Our way to move around are going to be horses specially trained to walk on this land, same as many years ago, the men who explored over the Patagonia.

The most wonderful of this excursion is the pleasure of the loneliness sensation that you are going to experiment once we are in places that are far away of any city or noise.

The landscape invited us to discover the silence and with a lot of respect the secret that they are hiding in these millenaries trails.  During the tour we are going to have the opportunity of seeing really close the variety on the wildlife that includes cows, wild horses, also cetaceans shipwrecks of hundreds years old, abandoned ranches, Indian trails and more. At night we are going to make a fire to enjoy, share experiences, to tell stories, always in the magnificent company of the Austral Sea; that it gets its name from the big amount of whale´s skeletons and sea lion’s skeletons, also of the establishments and boats which where famous  many years ago.

We are going to be in the most magnificent adventure, with a constant contact with the nature and it changing climatic conditions. If you are lucky and the surrounding allows us, maybe you could fish.

The overnight is going to be in tents which will give us more contact with the night and it mysteries, also you are going to get relax with the constant sound of the Ocean, and we are going to be in contact with the people who live in the ranch. This experience is unique and one way or another it will change us forever.

Itinerary Summary

Day 1: Ushuaia / Maria Luisa Ranch / La Chaira Station

A transfer is going to pick you from your hotel in Ushuaia to take you to the place where the horseback riding is going to start, the Maria Luisa Ranch.
This Ranch works mainly in ranching and logging. Along the way, the passengers will witness the most beautiful and amazing scenery, especially when you cross mountain range through Garibaldi Pass, where you could see incredible panoramic views.

Once you get to the ranch you are going have a horse assigned, and the staff is going to introduce themselves.  The first day is going to be about getting in tune with the nature and getting used with the place.

You are going to use a trail that is going to take to the shore of Irigoyen´s River, this is an special place to people who like to do fishing, you can get trout fishes over 10 kilos.
The first day we are going to sleep in a tent on La Chaira Station, place where there´s not going to be more people than us, and you are going to have a delicious BBQ.

Day 2: La Chaira Station // Rio Bueno Station

After enjoying an energetic breakfast, we are going to start our 2 horseback riding day.
The objective today is to reach the Rio Bueno Station, place where we are going to sleep.

Along the way you can see how the civilization’s track starts disappearing and the wildest side of Tierra del Fuego appears.

During this horseback riding day you are going to visit some shipwrecks like the “Barca” which is been stuck in the beach for many years. Also you may find abandoned stations. The shocking part is going to be how close we are going to be from the wildlife of the place. Between all the species that you will see, you may see foxes, guanacos, condors, marine mammals, beavers and many beautiful birds. The last part of the day we are going to go around “Leticia” River which is going to takes us to our last stop.

Like the night before, we are going to sleep in tents and we can get relax with the sound of the “Bueno” River.

Day 3: Rio Bueno Station // Policarpo Ranch

After breakfast, you are going to start the way with the objective to reach Policarpo Ranch which was declared a National Historic Landmark

The trail is going to take us along the shore of the “Bueno and Policarpo” Rivers, where you may find aboriginal remains from the native “ Haush” tribe.

The conditions on this there are pretty similar to the day before, the difference is going to be in the peatland you are going to find, and you will be able to see the different abilities of the horses, while walking on this floor.

Along the way we could see the local wildlife where the wild horses, sea lions and king penguins will surprise us. You may also find different shipwrecks as “Duquesa de Albania”.
From the high valley we could see Falsa Creek which was abandoned in the 60’s. Here is possible to find remains and tools of all kinds.

We are going to do our overnight in a tent in “Policarpo” Ranch.

Day 4: Policarpo Ranch

On this day we are going to rest and relax in Policarpo Ranch. If you want to, you could visit the cormorant colony which is located in the marine caves or do a trekking in the Bilbao Hill, place where you could see incredible panoramic views.

Day 5: Policarpo Ranch // Rio Bueno Station

On this day, we are going to start our return trip to Rio Bueno Station. In some parts you are going to use different trails.

Day 6: Rio Bueno Station // La Chaira Station

In your return trip to La Chaira Station, you are going to use different trails, compared with the ones we used on our first way.

On La Chaira Station, we are going to enjoy a delicious BBQ.

Day 7: La Chaira Station // Maria Luisa Ranch // Ushuaia

We are going to come back from La Chaira Station to Maria Luisa Ranch, where we are going to go up the cars which are going to take us to Ushuaia. Here is where our services finish.


Times riding and distances

You will ride for 6 hours each day, doing stops and breaks. The distance each day is doing to be 30 kilometers approx.

Level of difficulty

This is a medium difficulty since is necessary to know about horseback riding and you need to have a good health condition. You will ride through different lands, but most of all through beaches and peatlands where because of the conditions of the land it could be necessary to dismount. Also you are going to go through leafy forest and some steep cliffs.

It´s important to know that the schedule for the places where to sleep and the durations of the days are going to depend on the weather conditions and the tide, since during the excursion your are going to go along 5 different and important rivers.

Security conditions

We are going to be riding in places completely isolated and lonely, away from civilization and sanitation, that’s why the staff is going to carry a satellite phone for emergencies. Also the guides on charge are SAN-WFR (Wilderness First Responder) Certified, given by the Argentine School of Lifesaving and First Aid. Each guide is going to carry with a First Aid kit and also they are going to know the whole technical part. All the water is potable during the trip.


Horses and Mounts

We are going to use Native Argentine horses, of 1.55 meters on average, a really known race all over the world because of their nobility and strength, they are ideal for this kind of excursions. The same ones have been raised in Tierra del Fuego, reason why they are familiarized and comfortable riding in the different kind of lands.

Talking about the mounts we are going to be using a combination between the Chilean and Argentinean ones.  The horses don´t need spurs.

Weather conditions

The weather is going to be very variable. During summertime the days are incredibly long with a length of 14 hours, where we can experiment different weather conditions.

People said that you can have all four seasons in just a few minutes in Tierra del Fuego, although the extreme conditions are rare. In general the weather is cold and windy and the temperature goes from 2 to 12ºC, although the wind and the regular drizzle can make it colder.
Either ways the weather could be nice with cold nights even though we are close to Antarctica.


Clothing and other items required

Because of the weather, the clothes need to be warm and waterproof  as an esential ítem for the a comfortable trip.

The best system you can use to dress is the layers system, to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

We recommend this equipment

1 -Shoes: 2 pairs. We highly recommend waterproof leather boots, which are really good for rain or cold weather. We really another pair of a comfortable and warm shoes for the relax moments. If you want you, you can take leggings which are really good to avoid friction.


2- Socks. 5 pairs. The best option is to take some cotton ones and some wool ones.


3 –Interiors. 2. One for the chest and the one that is being worn. Take a look on the Power Dry or similar options for material. If you suffer the cold weather, to take pair of pants of the same material could be a good option. The cotton clothing is not a good option because they absorb the humidity and take a long time to dry.


4 –Pants. We highly recommend taking lightweight trousers and a pair of pant covers of any waterproof material.


5 – Jacket. Take a waterproof material one as a Gore-tex material with an adjustable hood.


6 – Gloves (2 pairs and posibly waterproof), hat for the sun and a warm hat, sunglasses and  a scarf. It’s pretty useful to take leather glove’s covers.

7 – Overcoat. Polar fleece’s vest and a feather’s jacket.

8 – Backpack. Is important to take a backpack with you (35 to 40 liters) where to put the thing we are going to need close to us during the riding and during the trekking. Is a good idea to take a waterproof backpack cover.

This is the equipment recommended by the guides, this doesn’t mean if you don’t have something of these things, you can’t do the excursion. The most important thing is to have waterproof clothes, so we can keep our body temperature.

For those who don’t want to spend so much money, an option is to buy those yellow  robes that are one hundred percent waterproof. The cons with this robes is that you can get really hot when the sun is shining. We don't recommend using poncho, since they scare the horses when they get shaken by the wind and don’t give the necessary isolation.

Remember to bring your sleeping bag which needs to have the comfortable temperature under -10Cº. Renting these sleeping bags is possible in Ushuaia, they been tested and approved.

Complementary list

• Toiletries

• Photo camera / film camera with batteries.

• Personal medicine,

•  Travelogue, maps, etc..

• Some Cash

• Patient card, which will be given to guide

• Passport. It is mandatory to have it circular route. Passengers have the option to leave it at Maria Luisa Ranch to avoid losing it.

• Trash bags resistant material to protect all these personal effects

• Flashlight.

The backpacks which are going to be given to you has the necessary space to save all these things. It’s not necessary or recommended to bring a lot of clothes, since is not possible to carry more things than the backpack capacity.


The excursion includes

  • The horse and all the mount equipment.
  • Backpack with waterproof bags where to save all the personal items and the sleeping bag.
  • Extra horses that will carry all the group’s stuff.
  • Bilingual guides and helpers.
  • All the meals and beverages (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner)
  • Satellite phone for emergencies.
  • Security kit and radio.
  • Insurance for personal accidents until certain amount.
  • Transfer service from and to Ushuaia
  • Tents for 2 people and insulating for the sleeping bag.
  • Crockery, cutlery, cooking elements, etc..


Amount of passengers: 4 minimum 12 maximum.

You have the option to return to Ushuaia by helicopter. Ask for prices and availability