Horseback riding in Ushuaia

Horseback riding in Ushuaia
A very special way to visit the Susana's Mountain by horseback riding.
Desde el 15/10/2019
Hasta el 15/06/2020

Ushuaia could be known by helicopter, from the water, kayaking and on land.

On land there are many options to know around and get into the deepest nature: Horseback riding, 4X4, walking and climbing, on sled and train…

The Horseback riding has the “magic” of being really comfortable way to get into places that are inaccessible, and a unique contact with the nature of our land.


With our horseback riding, you will see from the mountains, to trails where you could ride between lenga and cherry trees, also peatlands, all this dreamed landscape, it´s an invitation to feel the fresh air and enjoy the nature on the completest way.

You have different options that may vary depending on the place and the duration of the excursion.

You can also do an independent way, following a predetermined circuit, or let our guide take thru the secret and inaccessible places on Ushuaia, the End of the World.  



One our most popular excursion on horseback riding is the one that reach Mitre’s Peninsula, even though it´s from 8 to 10 days long and it´s on a high level of requirement.

The magic part on this trip, it´s to get to know this primitive place where you could see shipwreck remains that are part from the history of Tierra del Fuego, and they are just 150 km away from Ushuaia.


Another really interesting option for the whole family is the short horseback riding until the Beagle Channel, crossing across the National Park´s forest.


You have plenty of options to do the horseback riding in Ushuaia that we hardly recommend, so, if you are in the city on the End of the World, don´t hesitate of taking a look, this could be one of the best memories from the city!