Harberton´s Ranch

Harberton´s Ranch
You will know the Harberton´s Ranch with activities included.

Place: it´s located on the Haberton's Bay, and it has a pretty easy access through the Beagle Channel, and by land through the Route Nº3.

It took the name from Devon, England, where Mary Ann Varder (Thomas Bridges´s wife) was born.

Tour: the visit consists in a trip through the hull that is 5 hectares of 200, that is the real size of the ranch.
The Principal house, is a big one of 28 meters on the front and 9 meters wide, and surrounding the house, there´s other constructions as a shed where they do shearing, carpentry, stables; also the worker´s houses and the  Bone´s Museum “ Acatushún”. The hull was imported in parts from England in the XIX century and builted in Argentina. It´s famous because it´s one of the most old buildings in Tierra del Fuego. Right next to the building, there´s a reserve that it´s 5 hectares big, and a family is taking care of it.

Gable Island, and Martillo Island, also are part of this beautiful natural complex, where the magallanic penguin colony lives.

Activities: the principal activity of the ranch is the sheep farming that you could enjoy during the scheduled tours, or in your own. The excursion consists on a tour through the principal hull, the cemetery, and the reserve that has a trail of botanic interpretation. After this is possible embark to the island to visit the penguin colony.  

The best way to finish our trip is stop on the cafeteria, where you can taste delicious things that are offered here, and also buy souvenirs that the boutique offers.

This excursion is only available from October to April