3 days in Ushuaia

3 days in Ushuaia
Here we give you some options of excursion that you could do in Ushuaia, if you stay 3 days in the city.
  • Day 1 in Ushuaia


Tierra del Fuego National Park + End of the World Train (in the morning we pick you up around 8.20, returning around 1)

Here you have 1 hour and a half break to have lunch.


Navigation across the Beagle Channel or Harberton Ranch + trekking on Penguin Island (both excursions starts at 15hs and end at 19hs and 21hs, depending on wich one you choose)

  • Day 2 in Ushuaia

Fagnano and Escondido lakes on 4X4 (we pick you up around 9hs and, return around 17hs)


  • Day 3 in Ushuaia:

Navigation on Beagle Channel (8.40 hs in the port. Duration of the excursion, between 2.30 hours and 4)


Harberton Ranch + Trekking on Penguin Island.


If your flight leaves you 2 free hours, and you like the idea of discovering the most beautiful places of Ushuaia, you should consider a horseback riding through Susana´s Mountain and the Beagle Channel´s coast.


Another great option, shorter than 1 hour, is the fly over on plane or helicopter.

You have the option to choose between 7´- 15´  and 30´flight.