Albino Glacier

Albino Glacier
You will enjoy a trail of 20 kilometer long in the Middle of a Valley, until the Albino´s Glacier.
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ARS 5000

Season: October – April approx., depending on the amount of snow that we have on the peaks.

Requirements:  Medium difficulty (LEVEL II) You need an acceptable health condition according with the difficulties.

Distance and slopes:  the total length of the trekking is 20 km.  (40 km total with the transportation and the trekking)


We start over 250 meters above the sea level. The glacier is 980 MASL


Slope: 730 meters.


Departures: every day with a minimum of 4 passengers.


Program: the tour starts at 9 am, when we pick you up from your hotel, and drive north from Ushuaia to Tierra Mayor Valley, where the trekking starts, between Sorondo’s Mountain and Alvear Mountain, in the middle of Los Andes.




The path is part of the Nunatak shelter, place where we are going to put our rain boots on to cross the peatland zone. The trail runs first on the peatlands and then goes through the forest to end up in the Altura Valley, where the Esmeralda Lagoon is.

This old cirque glacier is surrounded by the Bonete Moutnain (1.120 MASL), Pelado (930 MASL) and Domo Blanco (1200 MASL), which has the characteristic of having the ice top.


From here is possible to have beautiful panoramic views. We continue the edge of the Esmeralda River, until we get to the homonymous lagoon that is the collector from the glacier with a green color that gives it the denomination (350 MASL). After a little break, we continue along the lagoon on it East edge. On this part, we could see beavers dams on a big part of the tour, until we get to the limit of the vegetation (600 MASL). From here you will start a simple climb on loose rock of about 30º of average slope.


The surrounding slowly becomes a mountain landscape where the rocks; snow and ice are the main highlights here.

Looking down, the Esmeralda Lagoon becomes a small reference surrounded by the green forest. After surrounding the Paredes Naranjas (Orange Walls), a rock mass of that color, you are going to reach the ancient ice at the bottom of the lagoon Ojo del Albino (Albino’s Eye, 980 Meters Above the Sea Level), located at the end of the glacier, from here you can look at all the majesty from “Los Andes” Mountains.

The glacier in this area is a flat solid ice with cracks and surrounded by dark and sharp peaks. The melt water leads to the Ojo del Albino, where floating icebergs are big.


After the lunch time, we are going to start our way back home, through a different road




Panoramic views of the mountains.

Flora and wildlife sighting

Birds sighting

Hanging glacier

Landscape full of mountains

Trekking on height.

Mandatory security equipment for the Albino´s Glacier.