Esmeralda Lagoon

Esmeralda Lagoon
9 km Trekking to visit the incredible Esmeralda Lagoon,iIn the middle of the Andes mountain range.
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ARS 3100

Duration: 5 hours approx. (about 4 hours trekking)

Season: from October to April.

Requirements: this trekking has a low difficulty level (LEVEL I), that means it’s not necessary to count with a previous experience to do it, even though we recommend having a good health condition.


This trek doesn´t have any important slopes.

Departures: this excursion goes with a minimum of 4 passengers.


Itinerary: the trip starts with the visit of a Siberian and Alaskan Huskies hatcherie, which is located 20 kilometers away from Ushuaia. There we start the road.

The first part of the trekking happens through the forest and allows us to see incredible views of Tierra Mayor and Carvajal Valley. The other part of the way it’s going to be through beech forest, mountains, hanging glaciers and peatlands that will allow us to see closely the flora and the wildlife, especially a big variety of birds that fly over the place.

After 2 hours hiking, we reach Esmeralda Lagoon. The name goes perfectly with the color of its water!


The Albino’s Glacier surrounds the Lagoon, the torres and the Toribio mountains, the perfect scenario to have lunch!

When the lunch is done, we start the return.


Slopes and distances: You will start the trekking from an altitude of 259 Meters Above the Sea Level; Esmeralda Lagoon is 450 MASL, with a slope of 200 meters.






 You will see landscapes and panoramic views of the place and the surrounding places.

 Flora and fauna sighting

 Birds sighting

 You will have the possibility of seeing a hanging glacier

 Having lunch and resting in an incredible place.

 Visit to Siberian and Alaskan dog's hatcheries.