Glacier trekking

Glaciar Vinciguerra
On this trekking you will walk around 8 kilometers before reaching the glacier.
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Duration of the trip: between 7 and 9 hours (about 6 or 8 hours trekking)

Season: summer, between the months of October and April, depending on the weather conditions.

Requirement: This is an excursion of medium level of difficulty (LEVEL II).

Is necessary having a good health condition and experience on trekking to do this tour.

Slopes and distances: you will trek about 8 kilometers. The whole trip, including the transfer is going to be 12 kilometers long total. Starting at 150 meters above the sea level and the vinciguerra glacier it´s about 800 MASLthat makes a slope of 650 meters.

Departures: it´s necessary to have at least 4 people to start the trip.

Itinerary: the transfer it´s going to pick you up and take you way north to the Andorra´s valley, where the trek it´s going to start.
Along the trail, you will see a big variety of landscapes,  like peatlands, leafy forests, and finally the famous Altura del Rio de la Leche Valley, this is close to the glacier.
You will have incredible views from here.

The trail is going to continue by the river´s shore and you will reach the Tempanos´s Lake of slurry waters, one of the characteristics of the Glacier thawing. Here, you are going to have the possibility of having a break, to continue after bordering the lagoon until we see the imposing glacier.

To walk in the ice is necessary to put on the equipment that the guides are going to give you and follow the advices.

This tour is going to give you an incredible view with cracks and sinks that you can picture and save great memories.

Once the ice trekking is done, we start our way back to the hotel.

Main Highlights

  • Walk on the glacier
  • Landscapes and panoramic views of the place and the surroundings
  • Natural surrounding
  • Flora and fauna sighting
  • Bird sighting
  • Hanging Glacier