National Park Trekking

trekking parque nacional Ushuaia
You will enjoy a trail of 5 kilometers on canoes and around 6 ½ kilometers of walk in Tierra del Fuego National Park
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ARS 4300.-

Duration of the trip: 8 hours approximately (calculate between 4 hours trekking and 1 ½ of canoeing)

Season: Between October and April.

Requirements: this excursion has a low level of difficulty (LEVEL 1). It’s not necessary to have a previous training, just have a good health condition. On the tour, there are not many relevant slopes. The canoeing depends on the weather.


Itinerary: This tour invites you to live an amazing adventure on board of canoes, going into trails that will allow you to see the most incredible landscapes composed by sea, mountains and forest. The places that you are going to visit on this excursion are simply amazing. You could enjoy the variety of wildlife and flora, everywhere, on Lapataia Bay or in the Beagle Channel.

You could also see foxes, birds, ducks, condors, eagles, beaver’s dams and peatlands.

The excursion starts from your hotel in Ushuaia.  Once in the National Park, we will reach Lapataia Bay, where we start the coastal path that is 6 ½ kilometers long, where is possible to see sea birds and different mammals. Along the way, we will go through archaeological sites, shell middens, species like the Canelo, the Notro and the ruins of an antique Yámana population.


Between 3 and 4 hours later, we will get to the Roca Lake, where we are going to do a break to have lunch and get ready to board the canoes that will take us through Lapataia River.

The canoeing part has duration of 1,30 hours; you will enjoy at the maximum of the path of 5 kilometers.

On the first part of the excursion you will have the possibility of seeing at the wildlife of the place, with magnificent species of water birds as: black neck swan, grebes and Cauquenes. Then you will reach the Cormorants’s Archipelago where we will see the famous Beagle Channel with all the islands inhabited by different species, such as penguins and sea lions.

The tour is going to finish in Lapataia Bay, where National Route Nº3 ends as well. Here you could see archaeological sites on an open view.

Price: ARS 4.300.-

Argentinian people have a discount on the price of the National Park´s entrance.

The entrance has to be paid by cash in Argentinian pesos.

It´s necessary to explain the difference of price between foreign and Argentinian residents, because Argentinians, with their taxes contributes with the National Park.

Main highlights:

Different places where you could see the wildlife and the flora of the city, you also will see nesting places.

Navigation on canoes: this is a really original way to get to know the park

Variety on landscapes

Archaeological sites

Visit Lapataia Bay, one of the most beautiful places in the end of the world.


The Price includes:


Transfers to the National Park from Ushuaia, round trip.

Bilingual and experimented guides on rafting and trekking.

Equipment: Canoes, rowing and life guards. (*)

Support from the people on land during the hold trip.

Security equipment and radios.

Personal insurance on accidents (**)

Complete lunch with beverages and dessert included (variety of snacks, Argentinian BBQ with beef, chorizo, and chicken (or a kind of chicken pot). Snacks when you disembark (Hot chocolate and alfajor).

This price does not include:


The entrance ticket to the National Park, that has to be paid in cash by each passenger

Expenses for loss or damage of the equipment due to negligence or carelessness of the passenger

Insurance for personal stuff such as photo cameras or video cameras.


(*) The canoes used are the canadians kind of PRFV 2005 model with capacity for 2 people.

If the excursion don´t use the canoes, you will navigate on board of boats called “ Duckies” that allows until 8 passengers on each one.
You will count with life guards approved by the Argentinian Prefecture. 

Depending on the guide criteria, you will do simple or double rowing.


(**) For this, the passenger need to give previously this personal information:
a) Date of birth

b) Complete name

c) Passport Number


Passengers over 65 years old, can´t be insured.

Each passenger needs to complete a medic form that will have the validity of affidavit.