Sea lions Navigation

Navegación Canal Beagle
Beatiful trip that combines a navigation through the most important islands of the Beagle Channel with a view to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.
Desde el 01/07/2018
Hasta el 30/12/2019
$ 1660

This trip starts on the local harbor, departing from Ushuaia's bay.

You will go on a catamaran across the Beagle channel, visiting on our road "Alicia's island", where we will find a sea lions colony; afterwards, we sail to "De los Pájaros" Island, habited by Royal and Imperial Cormorants; from there, we sail to "De los Lobos" Island, where we can find specimens of sea lions with one and two hairs. Finally, we will reach "Les Eclaireurs" Lighthouse, which was built in 1929. On our way back, we disembark on one of the "Bridges Islands" to go on a stroll down a path where flora and birds are interpreted, and the story of the Yamana (or Yaghan) people is told as well. It is important to point out that we can find the biggest Yamana’s “concheros” (shelly deposits) of the area on the island.


In the road, you will see particularly Skuas, Black-browed Albatross, Steam Ducks, Cauquenes, Gaviotas. On our return to Ushuaia, we will be amazed by the incredible landscape of Martial’s Mountain.


Price: $ 1680

Catamaran for 100 people (2.30hs long)

Port Fee: $20

Departures: 9:00 // 15:00 hs (everyday)

Kids under 12 $ 830 // Kids under 3 FREE.